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Contact us

Chizhou Handy Trade Co.,Ltd

NO,8 Building ,Centry Square,Pingtian Lake Scenic Area,Chizhou ,Anhui ,China

Customer Service:[email protected]

[email protected]

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Chizhou Handy Trade Co.,Ltd is specialized in garden tools,industrial brush,household cleaning brush,. have good business with customers from 100 countries,located in Chizhou of China with a beautiful scenery, modern economy and convenient transportation


What we sell? We can supply lot kinds of tools and brushes in many areas.such as weed brushes for remove garden moss ,wire brushes for industrail usage ,brooms for cleaning garden leaves or indoor dust ,cleaning brushes which include kinds of mop,shoe brushes,car brushes etc.From? our website catalogue,you will know more what we supply,You can choose what you want.Also can have your own required,We will design and offer for you as your customize.Expecting to have cooperate with you


Why choose us? We have many years experiences for exporting various of brushes and tools for industrial and household usage ,Moreover,we have reliable factory who professstionally produce kinds of brushes and tools.We export many tools and brush all over the world,and have enjoyed good reputation about the quality.We believe that our competitive price ,high quality,kinds of products,good service will enjoy more clients.Welcome to inquire